Good News on Priority Bill HB 1888 - Protecting Employee Privacy

by Council 2 Staff on February 18, 2020
On Friday, February 14th, HB 1888 was passed by the House of Representation on a strong bipartisan vote, 91 Yes - 7 No. In short, the bill expands the current protections that Law Enforcement Officers have to ALL public employees. It would prohibit employee birth dates and photos from being disclosed to anyone outside the news media. In addition, it mandates that employees and their Unions be notified when anyone is seeking information about them under the Public Disclosure Process.

There is no doubt that your efforts in contacting Legislators paid off! Lawmakers reported that they were inundated with constituents demanding action on this bill and they felt the heat.

For the record, here’s the 7 Representatives who voted NO:
15th District    -    Rep. Bruce Chandler (R) Yakima
15th District    -    Rep. Jeremie Dufault (R) Yakima
14th District    -    Rep. Chris Cory (R) Yakima
13th District    -    Rep. Tom Dent (R) Moses Lake
9th  District     -    Rep. Mary Dye (R) Pomeroy
31st District    -    Rep. Drew Stokesbary (R) Auburn
39th District    -    Rep. Robert Sutherland (R) Granite Falls

All other Representatives should be thanked for their support.

On to the Senate

HB 1888 will be heard at 1:30 p.m. in the Senate State Government Committee. Members are encouraged to contact their Senators with this message: 

“As a public employee, I would like you to support HB 1888 and help protect my privacy. Information such as my birthday and photos should not be public information. It puts my personal safety, both physical and financial, at risk.”

You can send this message to your Senator by clicking on the “Comment on this Bill” here.
HB 2758 –  PTSD Coverage for Emergency Dispatchers
This bill passed out of the House Appropriation Committee with a strong bipartisan vote of 24 to 6. This bill passed the house unanimously Tuesday, February 18 and is now before the Senate.
SB 5400HB 1390 – PERS I COLA
These bills would provide a modest Cost of Living increase for PERS I Retirees as recommended by the Select Committee on Pension Policy. PERS I does not have a built in COLA and relies on specific funding from the Legislature unlike PERS II and III.
Both bills have received unanimous support thus far and are awaiting floor action in both chambers.