Regular Session Ends Early (With No Budget)

by Council 2 Deputy Director Pat Thompson on May 1, 2015

The regular session was scheduled to adjourn or “sine die” on Sunday, April 26th. But with no budget agreement in sight, lawmakers closed up shop on Friday with the Governor’s call to bring them back Wednesday, April 22 for a 30 day “Special Session”.
House Bill 2156
Big Bill, Simple Message
            It is critical that you contact your legislators and ask them to support HB 2156. This bill is an omnibus package that combines most of Local Governments budget priorities. You all know that the current revenue structure leaves our County and Cities struggling to keep up with growth and inflation. This bill was sponsored by Representative Chris Reykdal (D – Olympia), Reuven Carlyle (D – Seattle), and Steve Tharinger (D – Port Angeles) and they should be thanked for their support and leadership. The main points of the bill include:
  • Gradually increases city and county liquor profit sharing
  • Authorizes a county public utility tax
  • Increases the county mental health sales tax
  • Accepts small political subdivisions in PEBB health coverage
  • Establishes cost recovery for commercial public records request
  • Changes county authorization of the public safety sales tax
  • Modifies the annexation sales tax credit
  • Allows assessments for nuisance abatement
  • Authorizes new funding for cultural and heritage access programs

         Please contact your legislators on the Legislative Hotline at
1-800-562-6000 or e-mail and ask them to support SB 2156.  To find your legislator or district, visit: