County and City Employee
County and City Employees

2015 Council 2 Scholarship Winners

Dependent Scholarship Awards:

4 Year Scholarship Award ($5,000 per year for 4 years)

In Memory of Mitchell James Parido, Deceased Son of Member Cyndi Parido, Pierce County Library, Local 3787; In Honor of Peterson, Russell, Kelly, PLLC, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Nini Hong Xuan Phuong Tran 2083 Seattle Public Library

$2,000 Award

In Memory of Donna Bradshaw, Past Member of LOTT Alliance, Local 618, Deceased; In Memory of Duane Cooper, Past Member of City of Spokane, Local 270, Deceased; In Honor of Charlyn Williams, Member of City of Puyallup, Local 1516; In Honor of Lindquist, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund
Recipient’s Name  Member Name Member is from Local
Ariana Coates 
Katherine Frazier 
Nils Gollersrud
Sahara Paulson
Vera Savenkova
Edward Vlasenko
KaeCee Coates 
Dorene Frazier
Kenneth Gollersrud
Sonjia Paulson
Pavel Savenkova
Natalya Vlasenko
1308-CS Kitsap County Sergeants
87 Yakima County Courthouse
2083 Seattle Public Library
109 Snohomish County Road Dept.
109-E Snohomish County Engineers
120 City of Tacoma

$5,000 Award

In Honor of Mark D. Johnson, in Light of His Personal Contribution to the Scholarship Fund, Former Member of Thurston County, Local 618, Retired; In Memory of Dennis Townsend, Past Member of Walla Walla County Road Department, Local 1191, Deceased; In Honor of Karen Kresh, Former Member of King County Library System, Local 1857; In Honor of The Rosen Law Firm, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Emily Cieslak
Taryn Fisher
Jesse Fukumoto
Michael Vitz-Wong
Erin Williams
Marci Zainwel
Urszula Cieslak
Robyn Fisher
Sandra Fukumoto
Kathleen Vitz
Sherri Williams
Leon Zainwel
846-FS Wenatchee School Food Service
21-DC King County District Court
21-C Seattle City Light
2083 Seattle Public Library
307-CO Clark County
1811-CA Snohomish County

$2,500 Golf Award – Funds raised from our 2014 Scholarship Golf Tournament

In Memory of Richard Montgomery, Past Member of Walla Walla County Road Department, Local 1191, Deceased; In Honor of Susan Allen, Former Member of King County Library System, Local 1857; In Honor of Union Bank, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund; In Honor of Welfare & Pension, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Colin Albert
Garrett Bailiff-Mitchell
Ben Blackburn
Joshua Dombal
Everett Kinyon
Anne Klootwyk
Sasha Maiava
Brendan O-Brien
Alexys Torres
Phuc Truong 
Kelly Albert
Kerri Salas
Bruce Blackburn
Carolee Dombal
Ross Kinyon
Dana Klootwyk
Tonya Maiava
Katherine O-Brien
Jessica Torres
Phuong Truong
1341 Lewis County Road Dept.
109-E Snohomish County Engineers
3845 City of Bothell
1811-CA Snohomish County
1308 Kitsap County
1581 Whatcom County Library
618 Thurston County
1857 King County Library System
275 Grays Harbor County
21 City of Seattle

Continuing Education Award:

In Memory of Sunde R.F. Chaney, Past Member of Grays Harbor County, Local 275, Deceased; In Memory of Leland Johnson, Past Member of City of Spokane, Local 270, Deceased; In Honor of Robin Ricks, Former Member of City of Coeur d’Alene, Local 433, Retired; In Honor of Schroeder, Goldmark & Bender, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund; In Honor of Pacific Dental Alliance, For Their Contribution to the Scholarship Fund  
Recipient’s Name Recipient is from Local  
Cindy Borland
Mai DeBlieck
Clifford Dunn
Gail Kogle
Jean Wright
21-I Issaquah School Bus Drivers
2083 Seattle Public Library
2083 Seattle Public Library
1553 Spokane County Courthouse
120 Pierce County Utilities 


 Photos of 2015 Scholarship Winners

Nils Gollersrud Marci Zainwel Phuc Trong
Erin Williams Nini Hong Brendan O'Brien
Annie Klootwyk Katherine Frazier KaeCee Coates
Vera Savenkova Emily Cieslak Everett Kinyon
Sasha Maiava Alexys Torres Colin Albert
Ben Blackburn Garrett Bailiff-Mitchell Josh Dombal
Michael Vitz-Wong Taryn Fisher Jean Wright
Mai Deblieck    


 2015 Winners' Acknowledgments

Thank you so much for the scholarship! I’m really grateful for it and will make sure to put it to good use… I am really ecstatic about receiving this scholarship!

Thank you,
Ben Blackburn

To Scholarship Committee:
I wanted to write and thank you for this award. It will really help me to prepare for college and gives me the added confidence to know I have your support.

Garrett Bailiff-Mitchell

I am so thankful for this union and the members that made this scholarship possible. I also thank the participants of the golf tournament for making the first year of college so much more affordable for myself and my family. It is so appreciated!

Josh Dombal

Dear Chris Dugovich and Lee Lehman,
I wanted to extend my gratitude towards the both of you as well as the many generous contributors to the scholarship fund. Thank you very much for selecting me as a recipient of this fund. This is both a great honor as well as a fortuitous opportunity. That being said I will continue to study hard and work towards earning this gift. I hope someday to be fortunate enough to contribute towards this scholarship fund myself. Until then I will continue to dedicate my efforts to studying and working towards improving our local fisheries. Thank you again for this generous scholarship.

Jesse Fukumoto

I feel extremely honored that I was selected to receive the Council 2 $2,500 Scholarship Award for the year of 2015.
I have been admitted to the University of Washington Seattle campus as a sophomore and have accepted this offer of admission. I plan to pursue a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, and I will use this award to help cover the cost of tuition...

Thank you,
Everett Kinyon

Dear Council 2 Scholarship Committee,
Thank you very much for your generous scholarship award of $5,000. The union’s outstanding work on improving the lives of its members and others has fueled my passion of helping others. This fall, I will be attending Gonzaga University which was my top choice for college, because it is known for its leadership courses and social justice programs. Your financial generosity has brought me one step closer to pursuing my goal of service to our community. I hope one day I will be able to help others just as you have helped me.
In solidarity,
Marci Zainwel

To the scholarship committee,

Thank you very much for the $2,500 scholarship! This award means a lot as it helps me pursue my education and ultimately my career aspiration of being a civil rights lawyer.

Thank you again,
Anne Klootwyk


Mrs. Corcoran,

Thank you for this scholarship opportunity. I will be off to study mechanical engineering in August and I am now $2,500 closer to paying tuition.

Thanks again,
Brendan O’Brien

My name is Vera Savenkova and I have been privileged to earn a scholarship from Council 2.  Attached you will find the requested form and photo. I am very grateful for the financial help offered to me through this scholarship. It will ease my financial burden of my schooling. 

Thank you, 
Vera Savenkova
Washington State University, Tricities
Civil Engineering Major

Thank you for investing in my future!

Sasha Maiava

Dear Mr. Dugovich and Mr. Lehman,

Thank you for the $1,000 Continuing Education Scholarship award.

I greatly appreciate the funding and look forward to securing the Backflow Assembly Certification and advancing my career with your support.

In Solidarity,
Jean E. Wright

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I would like to thank you for selecting me for your $2,000 scholarship. The cost of higher education has greatly increased over the past years, and finding enough money to pay for tuition, room and board, books, and other fees is immensly difficult for all students. This scholarship puts me one step closer towards my dream of becoming a doctor. Thank you again for your much-needed assistance. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and hope that we all reach our goals.

Edward Vlasenko

Dear Ms. Corcoran and Scholarship Committee Members:

I was so deeply thrilled to receive the scholarship for Continuing Education Award for the year 2015. As you recall from my application letter, I am currently enrolled at Eastern Washington University (EWA) in the Masters of Public Health program...

Gail Kogle

Dear Council 2,

Thank you for the scholarship, which helps my dreams dance further within reach. It brings me relief knowing that upon graduation, I can focus more on my passion and less on my financial balance. I am honored to recieve the award and the responsibility that comes with it. The next two years I will hone my artwork, walk with a diploma, and enter the workforce.

Your contribution helping me get there will not be forgotten; as I become a professional I will place priority on joining a union, treating my peers and employees with the respect all workers deserve, and shaping media industries to celebrate the collaboration of the many rather than the exploits of the few. Know that your support leaves me humbled, empowered, and inspired.

Yours Truly,
Michael Vitz-Wong

Dear Washington State Council,

I am writing this letter to thank you and express my sincere gratitude for your generous $2,000 scholarship for my freshman year of college. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship.

I will be attending Washington State University in the fall of 2015, while there I plan to earn a master's degree in Food Science/ Hospitality Business Management. With this career path I hope to persue an occupation as an event planner with an emphasis on promoting healthy lifestyles. The financial assistance you've provided will be of great help in paying my educational expenses. Thanks to you I am one step closer to my goal.

By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which will allow me to focus on the important aspects of school; my education. One day I hope I am able to give back to the community and help students achieve their goal, as you have helped me. Thanks again for investing in me and for all of your generosity and support!

Kate Frazier

Dear Committee Members,

Thank you for the $5,000 scholarship toward my tuition at Central Washington University. This award will make a huge difference in my education. I am honored to be chosen to receive this very generous scholarship.

Best regards,
Taryn Fisher

Dear Washington State Council of County and City Employees,

Thank you for selecting me to receive a $5,000 scholarship! I feel truly blessed to receive your generous donation and watch my dream of attending an Ivy League school come true! I will attend the University of Pennsylvania, and I can afford it due to your support. Thank you! 

Emily Cieslak

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for awarding me the Continuing Education Award from Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO.

This scholarship will help me complete my Master of Information and Library Science Program. I have been working on this degree for a number of years and I am excited to be completing it soon.

I am very proud of the Union for supporting education of its members. Investments like this make a really big difference in families like mine. 

Again, I am very grateful that you are supporting me and others...

Mai DeBlieck