Council 2 logo

Council 2 Executive Board


Michael Rainey, President/Executive Director
Ron Fredin, Vice President (Local 307VC, City of Vancouver)
Kathleen McConnell, Secretary/Treasurer (Local 2617, City of Kent)

District One

Brian Earnheart, Local 109 (Snohomish County)
Caredio Duffy, Local 1811-A (Alderwood Water District)
Charles Johnson, Jr, Local 1811-CA (Snohomish County)
Jeff Jesmer, Local 113 (City of Everett)

District Two

Carrie Rolph, Local 1857 (King County Library System)
Gini Griesbach, Local 2617 (City of Kent)
Jessica Lucas, Local 2083 (Seattle Public Library)

District Three

Cynthia Samuels, Local 1308 (Kitsap County)
Mandel Hardy, Local 120 (Pierce County)

District Four

Mark Sigler, Local 275 (Grays Harbor County)
Tonya Sullivan, Local 618 (Thurston County)

District Five

Ben Kemp – Local 307-CO (Clark County)
Karen Krohling – Local 307-VC (City of Vancouver)

District Six

Sherry Bingman, Local 874-HC (Benton County)
David Kyle-Reini, Local 1122 (City of Yakima)

District Seven

Jennifer Rayson, Local 846 (City of Wenatchee)
Pam Fitzgerald, Local 1191-W (City of Walla Walla)

District Eight

Dave Hanshaw, Local 270 (City of Spokane)
Fred Bozanich, Local 492 (Spokane County)
Brian Rheingans, Local 1135 (Spokane County Roads Dept.)

District Nine

Keith Clemans, Local 433 (City of Coeur d'Alene)