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Council 2 is made up of 16,000 members just like you who serve the Washington state community in a wide variety of county and city positions.

Update Your Profile

Council 2 members may update their information, such as address or telephone number changes, online. New members also can provide Council 2 with full details of their information online.

All information is transmitted to Council 2 through a secure connection.

Free Benefits for Members

Council 2 members are eligible to take advantage of two great free benefits:

Free College Benefit

AFSCME has partnered with Eastern Gateway Community College to provide free college benefits to our members.  Imagine what you can achieve with the AFSCME Free College Benefit. Visit the AFSCME Free College website for complete details.

AFSCME Advantage

To find out more about AFSCME Advantage and all the resources available to you, visit their Member Resources page.

Free $10,000 Life Insurance

As a WSCCCE member, you have the opportunity to update your life insurance benefit to $10,000 (previously $1,000 which ended on 12/1/17) and will have access to vital benefits that’ll protect you and your family from out-of-pocket costs.

New Members' Kit

Learn more about what Council 2 and AFSCME offer you

The many valuable benefits and services available to you by being a member of Council 2 and therefore a member of AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) are outlined in documents that are accessible from this page. The documents — provided in new member kits — also provide information such as where members' dues go, important websites and email addresses, and how to take part in Council 2 activities.

The documents may be downloaded in PDF format from this page. Click on the document that you wish to access.