If you need assistance or guidance, contact Council 2 Headquarters at 1-800-775-6418.
If you are a Council 2 member who has been financially impacted by the fires, apply for relief here.

Support Our Union Family Affected by Wildfires & Hurricane Hilary


As the smoke continues to rise from wildfires across Washington State, it's a reminder that we are all connected and must come together to help each other in times of need such as this. We have union brothers and sisters who have lost their homes due to these fires, and now is our chance to support them. 

Partnering with AFSCME & WFSE:
Your Donations Provide Crucial Support for Union Members in Crisis

Together with our AFSCME partners at the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE), we are seeking donations to help those who are in need at this time. You can make contributions directly to the Foundation for Working Families, which is administered by the Washington State Labor Council. Donations here will assist fellow union members impacted by wildfires.

You can also donate to the AFSCME Heroes Fund, which provides support and assistance for members affected by natural disasters and other tragedies. This fund has already been activated for the fires in Spokane County, as well as the recent fire in Maui.

We urge you to do what you can if you are able to help. We thank everyone who has shown solidarity and support during this difficult time. Together, we can make a difference and show true solidarity for our union brothers and sisters affected by these devastating wildfires. Let's stand united and strong for our union family! 

As you know, it is during the most challenging times that we must come together to provide strength and support for our union family. This is a call to arms - let's do what we can to help those affected by the wildfires right now, no matter how big or small!

In Solidarity,

Michael Rainey
President/Executive Director