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Upcoming Virtual Training

Welcome to Council 2’s Virtual Activist & Steward Training

Join us for any of these Zoom classes. Class size is limited to the first 30 registrants, and registration closes 2 days prior to the class date. If a class is full, please email to be placed on a waiting list.  Please do not register more than once for the same training session. Weeknight classes start at 6:30 p.m. Weekend classes start at 10:00 a.m.

January 26 (Thurs) – Intro to Being a Steward (90 minutes)
This class is for anyone who is considering becoming a steward or who wants to know more about their union and their union rights.

February 4 (Sat) – Is This a Grievance? Identifying and Writing a Grievance (75 mins)
A grievance is our union’s legal remedy when management violates our contract. This class will help you analyze when you should file a grievance and how to do it.

February 7 (Tues) – The Investigatory Meeting: The Steward’s Role (75 minutes)
Union members have Weingarten Rights when they are being investigated. Union stewards have an important role in these meetings. Gain the skills and confidence to support your coworkers in an investigatory meeting.

February 23 (Thurs) – Talking Union to Non-Members (90 minutes)
As union supporters, we need to be able to talk to non-members about the value of having a union AND organize our Local to make sure we reach out to everyone. We encourage Locals to send two or more people to this class who can help implement the plan.

 March 11 (Sat) – The Disciplinary Grievance (75 minutes)

Determining if a coworker's discipline is valid is an important part of a steward's job. We will look at the criteria used to support grievances for unjust discipline.

March 21 (Tues) –All About Bargaining (75 minutes)
What is bargaining? What are the employer and the union’s obligations? Explore the legal rights and responsibilities as well as the roles of the bargaining team, the staff rep, stewards and members.

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