February 2020 Legislative Report

by Council 2 Staff on February 3, 2020

The scheduled 60 day “Short” Legislative Session is off to a fast start with over 2,500 bills introduced for consideration.

Your Union has been engaged in legislation that affects your wages, hours and working conditions and promoting the importance of Local Government in delivering the vital services our State’s citizens rely on.

SB 1888 – Protecting Public Employee Privacy

As reported earlier, this bill would exclude employee birthdates from being publicly disclosed. The bill is scheduled to be voted out of its first committee (State Government and Tribal Relations) on February 5th.  (Click here for our last report for more details and click to comment on the bill)

HB 1333 – This bill would eliminate an obscure statute that the King County Superior Court Judges relied on to exclude their Bailiffs from having the right to collectively bargain. This bill is now in the Rules Committee.

HB 2738 – PTSD Coverage for Emergency Dispatcher

This bill would hold dispatchers to the Labor and Industry rules regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that covers Police and Fire Employees

HB 2533 – Increasing Disability Benefits for members of the Public Safety Employees Retirement System

This will would increase the disability benefits for Correctional Officers and other like positions who work in jobs that involve physical risk through assault and injury. It is currently in the House Appropriations Committee. We are requesting a hearing so a fiscal note can be created to determine the cost of this measure.


This bill was recommended by the Select Committee on Pension Policy and would provide a modest increase to PERS I retirees. It is now in the Rules Committee.