Session Wraps Up With Priority Bills on Their Way to the Governor

by Council 2 Staff on March 12, 2020

The 60 day Legislative Session ended on the 12th with your Union’s priority bills being delivered to Governor Inslee for his signature.

HB 1888 – Protecting Employee Privacy

Our main focus this session was to prevent employee birthdates and photos from being released by employers through the Public Disclosure Process. The bill ran into a temporary set-back when nearly all the Republican Senators on the powerful Ways and Means committee voted No with the exception of Senator Muzzall (R) – Whidbey Island – who then voted against it on final passage. The final Senate vote was 36 Yeas, 10 Nays, 2 excused. Click for more details HB 1888.

A big thanks to all of you who contacted your Legislators. It made a significant impact.

HB 2758 – PTSD Coverage for 911 Dispatchers

This bill extends the current PTSD coverage for Police and Fire to all 911 Dispatchers. The measure received bi partisan support at every step of the process.

HB 1390 – PERS 1 COLA

This bill provides for a 3% COLA up to a maximum increase of $62.50 per month. As previously reported, PERS 1 does not have any automatic COLA’s and relies on Legislative action.

All these bills will become effective 90 days from now.

On the Downside

HB 1333 – Collective Bargaining for King County Bailiffs

Our efforts to grant Collective Bargaining Rights for those employees failed to gain enough traction to pass.