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The Washington State Council of County and City Employees, (WSCCCE) AFSCME, AFL-CIO represents more than 16,000 employees who provide services to the citizens of Washington state. You can find your local's union number here, or by clicking on the "Find Your Local" button below.

Council 2 allows Locals to have their own web page free of charge. The pages are password-protected to allow for meeting minutes and other important info unique to your members to be displayed on the site. You can take advantage of this free service by clicking on the "Set Up a Local Page" button. 

Once your local's page is created, you may post announcements, photos, meeting minutes, etc. by clicking on the "Submit News" button. 

Local News & Announcements

If your local union is listed, click on the link to visit your local's page. You might need a password to access the page. If so, please contact your local's leadership to obtain it.

If your local union is not listed, ask your local's president to request a web page. It's a free service provided by Council 2!

How to set up your local page and submit your local's news

If you are the president of a local, you – or someone you delegate – can ask us to set up a web page to which you can submit news, meeting minutes, announcements, flyers, photos, downloadable documents, etc. 

To set up a web page and to submit news, follow these steps:

1. Obtain a password by clicking here. Note: Passwords are issued only to local presidents, or to people they designate.

2. Once you have obtained your password, click here to submit news using our special form.You can attach documents if you wish.

3. Submit news as often as you like. You do not need to obtain a new password each time you submit news.

After we receive your request, we will take care of formatting your news and attachments, and will do our best to accommodate any special instructions you may have. You can then inform your members to watch that page for news about your local. It's easy. It's free!