Council 2 COVID Response Scholarships

Council 2 realizes that unique times call for unique actions. With the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic difficulties that have touched almost everyone who is a member of Council 2 and their families, the Union is awarding the following 62 additional dependent scholarships and 5 continuing education awards, for a total of $32,250: 

$500 Dependent Scholarship Awards: 

First Last Member First Member Last Local Sub Local Name Scholarship
Jacob Bailey Rachel Brooks-Bailley 21 DC King County District Court $500
Jadie Huynh Jason Huynh 21 M City of Mercer Island $500
Sarah Kenny Jim Kenny 21 PA City of Seattle Prosecuting Attorneys $500
Elyssa Minton Sherry Minton 21 DC King County District Court $500
Kaila Red Bow Stephen Redbow 21 RD City of Redmond $500
Sierra Red Bow Stephen Redbow 21 RD City of Redmond $500
Eric Kleke Jason Kletke 109   Snohomish County $500
Okeoma Okoro Ojimadu Okoro 109   Snohomish County $500
Evan Hibbing Tanya Funk 114 F Bellingham Fire Dispatchers $500
Alyssa Bunten Jennifer Vasquez 120   City of Tacoma $500
Kyle Rowan Troy Rowan 120   Tacoma/Pierce Co. Health Dept. $500
Brea Wilson Brenda Wilson 120   Tacoma/Pierce Co. Health Dept. $500
Alexandria Miller Amanda Miller 176 SW City of Sedro Woolley $500
Jocelyn Arguinzoni Maria Arguinzoni 270   City of Spokane $500
Joshua Martinez Allen Martinez 307 CO Clark County $500
Taryn Irwin Randy Irwin 367 C Pacific County Courthouse $500
Georgia Lavinder Gary Lavinder 367   Pacific County Roads $500
Sofia Lavinder Gary Lavinder 367   Pacific County Roads $500
Cody Bemis Nick Bemis 618   Thurston County $500
Hannah Beierman Scott Brown 846 E City of Ephrata $500
Hannah Flory David Flory 1122   City of Yakima $500
Saeed Sams Riley Sams 1135 W Whitworth Water Dept. $500
Jacob Dunn Martin Dunn 1191 W City of Walla Walla $500
Emily Boutain Judy Boutain 1254 CH Lincoln County Court House $500
Flynn Hibbs Meg Sands 1308   Kitsap County $500
Anna Knapp-Freeman Jennifer Knapp 1308   Kitsap County $500
Kyndal Thomas Cathryn Waldrop 1308   Kitsap County $500
Cody Young Linda Young 1341   Lewis County Road Dept. $500
Jolee Sanford Chad Sanford 1476   City of Clarkston $500
Gunnar Sebright Garrett Sebright 1553   Spokane County $500
Parker Vernier Rick Vernier 1553   Spokane County $500
Paul Vernier Rick Vernier 1553   Spokane County $500
Braxton Martin Geary Martin 1557 PW City of Kelso $500
Ethan Cameron Dave Cameron 1619   City of Port Angeles $500
Sophia Amrine Christine Schmidt 1811 M City of Mill Creek $500
Emily Chriest Susan Chriest 1811 CA Snohomish County $500
Chase Gardner C.  Mike Gardner 1811 A Alderwood Water District $500
Joseph Isaac Isaac Isaac 1811 CA Snohomish County $500
Anthony McDaniel Michael McDaniel 1811 JPD Snohomish County $500
Noah Wootten Mike Wootten 1811 JPD Snohomish County $500
Adah Barenburg Clea Barenburg 1845   Island County $500
Marenna Rebischke-Smith Brett Rebischke-Smith 1845   Island County $500
Shadrach Roundy Lisa Roundy 1845   Island County $500
Faith Embler Michael Embler 1849   San Juan County $500
Jaime Cantwell Stephanine Cantwell 1857   King County Library System $500
Justin Cantwell Stephanine Cantwell 1857   King County Library System $500
Emily O'Brien Maria O'Brien 1857   King County Library System $500
Rose Schatz Carol Schatz 1857   King County Library System $500
Demetrius Dove Tammi Dove 1938   City of Lakewood $500
Nathan Hutson Brian Hinkle 1938   City of Lakewood $500
Jason Kuo Tom Kuo 2083   Seattle Public Library $500
Brian Nguyen Theressa Tran 2083   Seattle Public Library $500
Susan Nguyen Theressa Tran 2083 Seattle Public Library $500
Neka Ton Lori Ton 2083 Seattle Public Library $500
Thai Wichienwidhtaya Nicole Wichienwidhtaya 2083 Seattle Public Library $500
Brandi Kalmbach John Kalmbach 2170 City of Renton $500
Kendra Walmsley Rhonda heyden 2170   City of Renton $500
Darrion Brunelle Amber Horejsi 2617 City of Kent $500
Zoe Ihrke Joel Ihrke 2658 Kittitas County Appraisers $500
Kaylee Whatmore Jeff Whatmore 3517   City of Edmonds $500
Trent Suckut Jennifer Haynes-Suckut 3845   City of Bothell $500
Cameron Zundel Gretchen Zundel 3845   City of Bothell $500

$250 Continuing Education Awards:

Recipient’s Name Recipient is from Local
Grace Amundsen Barnkow 3830 City of Seatac
Lindsey Clegg 618 Thurston County
Erin Fosler 21I Issaquah School Bus Drivers
Teresa Ives 1308 Kitsap County
Lindsay Tebeck 1191W City of Walla Walla

Photos of 2020 COVID Response Scholarship Winners

Faith Embler Noah Wootten Jaime Cantwell
Chase Gardner Shadrach Roundy Sierra Red Bow
Adah Barenburg Alyssa Bunten Anna Knapp
Braxton Martin Brea Wilson Cameron Zundel
Cody Bemis Darrion Brunelle Elyssa Minton
Emily O'Brien Eric Kletke Ethan Cameron
Flynn Hibbs Georgia Lavinder Hannah Flory
Jacob Dunn Jadie Huynh Jason Kuo
Jocelyn Arguinzoni Jolee Sanford Joseph Isaac
Kaylee Whatmore Kendra Walmsley Kyle Rowan
Jocelyn Arguinzoni Jolee Sanford Joseph Isaac
Nathan Hutson Neka Ton Okeoma Okoro
Parker Vernier Paul Vernier Saeed Sams
Sarah Kenny Sofia Lavinder Sophia Amrine
Thai Wichienwidhtaya Zoe Ihrke Erin Fosler
2020 Recipients' Acknowledgements
Shadrach Roundy - Thank You Video

Thank You Notes - $500 Additional Scholarship Recipients


Thank you so much for awarding me a scholarship, every little bit helps.

Thank you again for your generosity, the honor to receive this. It is much appreciated! 
Erin Fosler

 Thank you so much for the honor to receive this. It is much appreciated! 

Eric Kletke

Thank you for awarding me with this scholarship. Any help to relieve financial stress for school is always appreciated.
Okeoma Okoro

I am so grateful to the scholarship committee for granting me this generous gift towards my higher education, thank you so much!
With gratitude,
Flynn Hibbs

Thank you so much for accepting me as a Union Scholarship Recipient.
Thanks so much,
Thai Wichienwidhtaya

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of your generous gift; I really appreciate it. 
Emily O’Brien

Thank you so much for supporting my college education and investing in my future. 
Darrion Brunelle

I just want to express my gratitude for this scholarship! It means more than you know to me. It is a huge blessing! I am excited for the coming school year and all it holds. 
Thank you,
Jocelyn Arguinzoni

Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will help me greatly in being successful through my senior year at UW Tacoma. 

Thank you again,
Brandi Kalmbach

Thank you for this opportunity.
Shadrach Roundy

Thank you so much for the scholarship.  It will definitely help.
Kaylee Whatmore

Thank you so much for awarding a scholarship to me.
Braxton Martin

Thank you so much for awarding me a $500 AFSCME scholarship. I am so excited and appreciative! I auditioned and was accepted into my dream school and I have a lot of money to raise, so this really helps a lot. Especially with the pandemic, it has been really hard to find a job right now to earn money toward school.
Ethan Cameron

Thank you so much for the scholarship. All of you just made paying for college a little bit easier for me.
Anna Knapp

Thank you so much for the opportunity. It will not be wasted.
Kyle Rowan

I just wanted to thank you for the gracious award. I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity.
Neka Ton

Thank you for the extended scholarship opportunities. The $500 scholarship I received recently comes at a time that it really helps me out. I lost my academic scholarship when I took two years off to do service work. This scholarship helps get me back into school with a little less financial pressure. 
Thanks again,
Shadrach Roundy

I am very grateful to have received the AFSCME Council 2 $500 Scholarship Award and I would like to show my gratitude for your support.
I will be taking classes this year so I can get my AA and transfer to a 4-year college to become a sports broadcaster. I have always been big into football so calling games would be a dream. I currently work at Dairy Queen making minimum wage, so you have given me an incredible amount of help for paying for college. 
Your scholarship will help me achieve my dreams and will help shape me into being the best version of myself that I can be. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the help you have given me.
Cody Bemis

I would like to express my gratitude towards the Council 2 Scholarship Committee. I am honored to have been selected to receive such an award. Thank you for your generosity as it gives me an opportunity to continue to pursue a post-secondary education with less difficulties. 
I am a student at Washington State University and have certified in architecture in the School of Design and Construction. I have also been granted acceptance into the Master of Architecture program at Washington State University. I have registered for class for the fall of 2020 and will be in my fourth year. I will continue studying architecture with the plan to receive a Master’s in architecture. 
At this time with continually rising tuition, I appreciate the fact that the Council 2 Scholarship Committee believes in me enough to honor me with this award. I hope to make everyone involved proud.
Most grateful,
Jacob M. Dunn

Thank you for choosing me for this award, it will no doubt help me in the next upcoming school year. The money will go straight towards my tuition, books and other necessities that I will need for the 2020 school year. This is a big deal to me and my family for myself to be the first person in my family to go to college and I am so grateful that you have selected me. Thank you once again for believing in me to give me this scholarship, I will work hard and achieve my goals to finish school and hopefully be able to provide for my mom like she has done for me for so many years. 
Cody Young

I greatly appreciate being awarded this scholarship.
Zoe Ihrke

We are extremely thankful for the generosity of the Council for recognizing the need to assist our pursuit of college during these difficult economic times of COVID19 for our family that experienced some layoffs during the beginning of the pandemic.
We felt fortunate to both have been hired this summer by Pacific County as frontline workers at our local County Courthouse. We monitored all entry into the courts and other onsite office department facilities.  This week is our final week of Pacific County employment as we both prepare to resume our third year of college at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma on August 31st.
Kindest Regards
Sofia & Georgia Lavinder