2023 Council 2 Scholarship Winners


Dependent Scholarship Awards: 

4 Year Scholarship Award ($5,000 per year for 4 years)

In memory of Anthony “Tony” Johnson, past President and past member of Local 1553-S, Spokane County Supervisors, Deceased
Recipient's Name Member Name Member is from Local
Xavier Nazzal Kim Nazzal 3787 Pierce County Library

2023 Winners' Acknowledgments

Thank you so much for the generous scholarship for Xavier.  It will greatly help to pay for tuition and housing when he goes to UNC Chapel Hill this fall.


Kim Nazzal

$2,000 Award

In memory of Jerry “JD” Pettitz, past member of Local 21-DC, King County District Court, Deceased
Recipient's Name  Member Name Member is from Local
Marquel Aguila Michelle Aguila 2083 Seattle Public Library
Brooke Bucey  Kelly Kauk 109-E Snohomish County
Andrew Luu John Luu 21-C Seattle City Light 
Roman McAllister Trevor McAllister 270 City of Spokane
Elliana McIntosh Steven McIntosh     792 Kittitas County
Stephanie Song Lin Song 21-HD Seattle/King County

$5,000 Award

In memory of John Hayduk, past Sergeant at Arms; and, Sonja Coventon, both past members of Local 1619, City of Port Angeles, Deceased
Recipient's Name Member Name Member is from Local
Morgan Armstrong Kristen Armstrong 270-V City of Spokane Valley
Sabine Drake Irene Drake 2083 Seattle Public Library
Grady Earls Jason Earls 1619-D Clallam County
Vivian Le Tina Ho 2083 Seattle Public Library
Alexandra Smith Yvonne Smith 2084-SC King County
Zachary Terrell Don Terrell 3045 City of Moses Lake

$2,000 Golf Award

In memory of Ed Ellenz, past President and member of Local 1135, Spokane County Road Crew; and, David Leahy, past member of Local 1516, City of Puyallup, Deceased

Recipient's Name Member Name Member is from Local
Jacqueline Benson Stephanie Benson 21-DC King County Court
Joe Bugni John Bugni 792 Kittitas County
Hayleigh Burke Damon Burke 1191-WC Walla Walla Co. Courthouse
Anthony Burtenshaw Adam Burtenshaw 275 City of Hoquiam
Carolyn Hewitt Jane Hewitt 275 Grays Harbor County
Madison Judd Stacy Judd 2617 City of Kent
Mackenzie Lindh Kenneth Lindh 1341 Lewis County
Meredith Meats Justin Meats 307-CO Clark County
Savanna Osborn Troy Osborn 109-E Snohomish County
Sean San Pedro Jayson San Pedro 492 Spokane County

Continuing Education Award:

In memory of Wayne Withrow, past WSCCCE-Council 2 E-Board member and past member of Local 120, Tacoma - Pierce County Health District, Deceased


Recipient's Name Recipient is from Local
Kelly Kauk 109-E Snohomish County Engineering
Donna Dietrich 21-I Issaquah School District
Jennifer Rayson 846 City of Wenatchee
Susan Schott 846-AA Aging and Adult Care
Eric Velez 31811-JPD Snohomish County

Photos of 2023 Dependent Scholarship Winners

  • Xavier Nazzal | 20K
  • Grady Earls | 5K
  • Alexandra Smith | 5K
  • Morgan Armstrong | 5K
  • Zachary Terrell | 5K
  • Vivian Le | 5K
  • Andrew Luu | 2K
  • Roman McAllister | 2K
  • Elliana McIntosh | 2K
  • Brooke Bucey | 2K
  • Marquel Aguila | 2K
  • Madison Judd | 2K Golf
  • Mackenzie Lindh | 2K Golf
  • Sean San Pedro | 2K Golf
  • Joseph Bugni | 2K Golf
  • Jacqueline Benson | 2K Golf
  • Hayleigh Burke | 2K Golf
  • Carolyn Hewitt | 2K Golf
  • Kelly Kauk | Continuing Ed
  • Donna Dietrich | Continuing Ed
  • Susan Schott | Continuing Ed
  • Eric Velez | Continuing Ed