2024 Council 2 Scholarship Winners


Dependent Scholarship Awards

4 Year Scholarship Award ($5,000 per year for 4 years)

In Honor of Chris Dugovich, Longtime Council 2 President/Executive Director, Retired
Recipient's Name Member Name Member is from Local
Sarah Otulo Monica Otulo 120 Pierce County

$2,000 Award

In Memory of Yvonne Muggy, Past Member of Local 109, Snohomish County, Deceased
In Memory of Kevin Meck, Past Member of Local 307CO, Clark County, Deceased
Recipient's Name  Member Name Member is from Local
Aaron Le Vinh Nguyen 2083 Seattle Public Library
Audra Massee Jim Massee 1308 Kitsap County
Jeffrey Hill Lance Hill 120 Pierce County
Kennedy Coleman Joshua Coleman 113 City of Everett
Mackenzie Baertlein Ely Baertlein    270 City of Spokane
Lauren Hannus Gregory Hannus 21C Seattle City Light

$5,000 Award

In Memory of Kristine Garcia, Past Member of Local 1135CH, Stevens County, Deceased
In Memory of Michael Cockrum, Past Member of Local 846, City of Wenatchee, Deceased
Recipient's Name Member Name Member is from Local
Anton Nelson Olivia Nelson 3845 City of Bothell
Callie Carlson Todd Carlson 120 Pierce County
Ellie Graham Justin Graham 275 Grays Harbor County
Emmett Bryz-Gornia Diane Rodman 1308 Kitsap County
Sophia Pigott Larissa Pigott  1811M City of Mill Creek
Ty Peterson Michelle Peterson 176 Skagit County

$2,300 Golf Award

In Memory of Lucius Fenton, Past Member of Local 618CD, Thurston County, Deceased
In Memory of Kenny Anderson, Past Member of Local 618CD, Thurston County, Deceased


Recipient's Name Member Name Member is from Local
Adam Harrington Michael Harrington 1135ST Stevens County
Andrew Luu John Luu 21C Seattle City Light
Aria Fowler Michael Ordona 21C Seattle City Light
Ashley Roundy Lisa Roundy 1845 Island County
Ava Watson Deanna Watson 2084SC King County
David Free       Lois Tolbert-Wollo 618 North Thurston School District
Jasmine Smith Joshua Smith 334W Cowlitz County
Kaitlin Medina Phillip Medina 307VC City of Vancouver
Katherine Hamilton Jennifer Hamilton 1308S Kitsap County
Lakelle Bridges Lameania Bridges 2084SC King County
Lexie Bartlemay Joseph Bartlemay 2617 City of Kent
Sarah Seevers Kimberly Seevers 120 Pierce County

Continuing Education Award

In Memory of Vinnie O’Connor, Former Council 2 Staff Representative, DeceasedIn Honor of Pam Fitzgerald, Past Member of Local 1191WC, past Council 2 Executive Board and past Chair of the Women’s Action Committee, Retired

Recipient's Name Recipient is from Local
Meghan Feuk 618 LOTT Wastewater Alliance 
Erica Delgado 275 Grays Harbor County
Nazario Lara Urueta 1191W City of Walla Walla  
Cora Baker 275 Grays Harbor County
Nicole Zeller
2083 Seattle Public Library

Photos of 2024 Dependent Scholarship Winners

  • Sarah Otulo | $20,000
  • Sophia Pigott | $5,000
  • Ty Peterson | $5,000
  • Ellie Graham | $5,000
  • Aaron Le | $2,000
  • Adam Harrington | $2,300
  • Ava Watson | $2,300
  • Katherine Hamilton | $2,300
  • Andrew Luu | $2,300
  • Jasmine Smith | $2,300
  • David Free | $2,300
  • Sarah Seevers | $2,300

2024 Winners' Acknowledgments

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing today with appreciation for being chosen to receive a scholarship. This not only is a blessing for myself, but my family as well. This money allows me to focus on my education, so that I can do the most with my college experience. Again, thank you so much; I am honored to be recognized and chosen for this award.

Ty Peterson

I am very grateful for receiving a generous scholarship from Council 2 Washington State Council of County and City Employees. 
Again, thank you very much for this generous gift, which will greatly help me in achieving my educational goal.

Sophia Pigott

Thank you so much for the generous council 2 scholarship! This is amazing news. I wanted to let you know that I will be attending the University campus in the fall, studying public health.

Ava Watson

Thank you so much for awarding me the Washington State Council of County and City Employees scholarship award for the year 2024!

Lauren Hannus

Thank you so much for this scholarship and selecting me, David Free, as one of the recipients. I am so honored and thankful for this opportunity.

David Free

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Sarah Seevers